As the Group Manager for Workplace Health, Safety, Environment and Quality at Tutt Bryant Group Limited, a company that operates nationally in the heavy equipment and construction industries, it is imperative that we have reporting systems in place to easily capture events that may positively or negatively impact our business.

We found that the software we use for managing health, safety and environment was inflexible and proved inadequate for our needs in the quality assurance space. We found it frustrating that requesting simple customisations like changing the list of quality issues in one field on a form would not be possible for some length of time and put on an endless waiting list of a development team with other competing priorities.

Baseweave had already assisted us with some of the more technical aspects of an automated vendor qualification system we developed using Airtable. They were so helpful and vital to its success that we asked if they could help us with a quality assurance solution.

They listened and quickly got what we were after. Baseweave built a solution with Airtable, Stacker and Integromat (Make). They all seem like good tools, but what has impressed us is how much we have been able to shape our quality assurance app into precisely what we need it to be. We’ve been able to test the app as we go and get both small and significant changes implemented quickly. For someone like me who is trying to make it easy for people in our company to report on and follow up on quality events and audits, creating a solution with Baseweave has been a refreshing change!

I’d highly recommend working with Baseweave. They already know we’ll be using them again.

Greg McDonald – Group Manager WHSE&Q – Tutt Bryant Group Limited

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