I am a clinical psychologist and the Founder and Director of Benchmark Psychology. Our experienced team of 20+ psychologists is devoted to delivering excellent evidence based treatment to our large client base in Brisbane.

We were asked to take over a training and approval process for supervising psychologists. My admin team was overwhelmed by all the back and forth of emails and the complexity of systems that had never been automated.

I discovered Airtable and thought it could be the platform for our solution but I didn’t have time to build it myself. I was hesitant about hiring a consultant because we’ve had past tech projects where costs grew and grew and the end result wasn’t what we needed.

Matt from Baseweave got back to me straight away and worked with a member of our admin team to develop a solution using Airtable that automates and streamline almost all of the training and approval program admin.

Keeping up with the program admin was so frustrating and time consuming for the team when we first took it on, now thanks to Baseweave, we are saving hours and it’s so much smoother. The admin team are happier and have been able refocus on all their other roles.

I’d highly recommend Baseweave, in fact we are already using them for another project.

Aaron Frost – Clinical Psychologist, Founder and Director – Benchmark Psychology

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